Flip Smartphone luxury here is the latest VERTU this IRONFLIP With its sleek black design that echoes the texture of Basalt Black Alligator Skin. It is not merely a touch screen phone or just an Internet connectivity or multimedia or the complicated applications phone; but it is a symbol of smart technology. Don’t wait until someone else buys it before you do because this is one gadget that is as stunning as it is functional, and it would be a privilege using this beauty.

Exquisite Design:

This VERTU IRONFLIP is enclosed in luxurious Basalt Black Alligator Skin, and it is considered to be a stunning gadget and piece of art which comes in one package. This luxurious material brings more sophistication and personality to a flip, which sets the IRONFLIP apart from other smartphones out there. The leather touch of the back and the texture of the alligator appearing on both the front and the back is very soft and smooth, and the flip movement is done in a clean and modern way that renders this phone not only comfortable to hold and carry, but also a joy to use.

Unmatched Display Quality:

Main Screen:

The above-stated Bamboos are present in the IRONFLIP, and it is also incorporated with an ABT Main Screen with a diagonal of 6. Extremely workable 7-Inch OLED with the screen resolution of 2790*1188 which is hopefully suitable for detection works. This level of resolution ensures that every picture and every video that is displayed is as sharp as it can be. Some of the benefits offered by this screen include the foldable nature of the screen, since it can fold and is very thin, taking less space when pulled out fully or when in compact form.

This one looks perfect for daylight use, the maximum brightness that can be achieved by this is 1200 nits. The 120Hz intelligent refresh rates are helpful in increasing the animations and scrolling experiences by providing the user an economically effective response when handling the phone.

Cover Screen:

Once it is folded, the color of the Beacon changes, and a new design is displayed as it reveals the IRONFLIP is holding a 1. A circular OLED cover screen with a 43 inches diameter, The resolution is 466 × 466 pixels and pixel density is 326ppi. As a result, it has been built to be smaller, more customizable, and dedicated to displaying notifications, telling time, and controlling music without needing the phone to be pulled out fully. The first of them is pixel density which measures 221 PPI same as the main screen, and the second index, namely brightness, which remains same as the main screen as well.

Perfect Dimensions and Weight:

VERTU IRONFLIP’s design is sleek and matches the dimensions of hand as its usability as a phone and an object of desire at the same period. In the same manner, when the structure is extended the extra structural thickness is determined to be 17075. 58. 29mm, which means that it is highly suitable for use by those who prefer enjoying content on large screens or those who love loud audio. The source collapses into a small object that measures 87. 675. 517 When used as a weapon, it comes in 8mm, and since it has a smaller casing, it is slim and unobtrusive and can easily be concealed in one’s pocket or bag. Constructed out of aluminum, it has a stately mass of 246g, which might be regarded as quite a lot for a piece of compacts butts is equally subtlety exudes quality.

Advanced Camera System:

The camera system which is an independent invention of the IRONFLIP is well-developed to enable the recording of any event in high quality. Getting down to the camera, this phone has a double rear camera; while the first one is 50 MP, the second one is 2 MP with wide lens. It can take very crisp images in detail with a possible wider angle view and thus very suitable for taking vertical, horizontal among others.

The front wide angle lens camera is a 16MP for taking the selfies, and for the video calls and selfies the front camera is of great quality. Whether you set it for the beautiful sunlit sky or capture the moment when video calling with friends and families, the picture quality that has recorded by the IRONFLIP’s camera is great.

Whenever the case of gamers is considered, having ample of space for storage is crucial and being able to track high frames per second is equally crucial.

The VERTU IRONFLIP comes with 12GB of RAM and comes relevant internal storage of one half of a Terabyte which ideally should serve all your application, images, videos and documents needs. In addition, it has also provided 10TB for the common storage to make sure that one is never stuck with a disk full again.

At the heart of the IRONFLIP, there rests the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and it is a 4nm 5G system-on-chip which brings efficiency and power house performance and launch. To boost its efficiency, the latest chipset technology is installed in the IRONFLIP, so that applications such as apps and games, regardless of how immense they are, can be operated for a better interface.

Robust Security:

This is made possible by the boost in security situation, which is very well enhanced in the VERTU IRONFLIP. It features an A5 solo secure chip that ensures you security in all the activities you indulge in. Be it reports at the office or instant messages at the café, nothing can breach the security of the IRONFLIP.

Long-battery life duration and Immediate Recharge:

It has an impressive, 4310 mAh battery that is enough to power anything you will require throughout a day. In the situations where you need some extra juice, the feature has introduced 65W fast charging and thus once you plug in your phone you can continue to use it without having to spend a lot of time topping up.

Global Connectivity:

To ensure that Florian’s IRONFLIP has provisions for bands from all over the world, they offer you the leverage to communicate no matter the circumstances. Whether it has been a business trip, or you have decided to have a rest for a while, you will be confident regarding your agreement with the mobile operator.

Additional Features:

Side Fingerprint Sensor: The side mounted fingerprint sensor makes it easy and safe unlocking of the phone in the shortest time possible.

Dual Speakers: Stereo placing brings quality sound to the ears of the listener in a prestigious, surround sound system with two speakers.

Hi-fi Audio: For music and videos lovers, these headphones deliver great results in terms of sound reproduction.

Bluetooth 5. 3: Wireless connectivity is very impressive and supports thousands of Bluetooth devices.

USB 3. 2: Transfer of large data using Marshal in an active or passive mode and other military trusts for instant file management.

GPS: The use of links for the specific geographical regions rather than staying in newsfeeds or homepages; navigation towards specific directions or particular coordinates.

NFC: It also indicated that easily and safely done financial transactions could be made through NFC.

The Future of Smartphones:

Flip Smartphone is one modern day communications device that adequately fits into the adage that it is a communication device of the ‘now’ generation; it is sleek, elegant, powerful, and stylish, in the best of both worlds-projecting the look and feel of luxury and technological might in the smallest of handsets that one could imagine. Featuring high build quality & being packed with top-notch features, the flip design gives it even more usefulness over the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What you are getting when booking the IRONFLIP is much more than a telephone – you are obtaining a mobile office communication device, which dictates what inclusivities of modem day SIM should include. It’s very original and such a device has few owners, so by purchasing it you will become one of the first to get this gadget.

In a world where people have taken standards of a compact communication device, such as smartphone, to a whole new level, VERTU unveils a piece of a technology that is innovative and elegant – the IRONFLIP. Proof of that can be seen from two aspects; The exterior styling direction; Basalt Black Alligator Skin And the interior arrangement that puts it in the high performance league. As a member of the iconic flip-fold design family, the new IRONFLIP is full of innovations: transportable OLED displays, advanced camera technology, updated security protocols and mechanisms.

OVERVIEW & VERDICT If you are in a league that believes that the new is better or for those who decree only the best and hence the VERTU IRONFLIP signifies the theme of the existence of the line absolutely right. When you order now, the opportunity to become an exclusive member is yours for the taking and enjoy the supreme comfort while you have an increase in your performance as well.


Here one need to know the specific dimension and the measures of the structural capacity of the IRONFLIP?

Fully opened, that particular model spans 17075 millimeters or 17 meters or a little over 55 feet. 77 feet in length. 58. 29mm. When folded, the size of the product is as follows: Headphones: 135 cm; Headphones Cord, First Section: 87 cm.

Will see that they are applicable for use at the IRONFLIP?

It is the VERTU IRONFLIP smartphone and a uniquely bamboozling and fascinating flip smartphone with the capacity of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 4nm 5G Processor, although it takes a less power for its high level of performance.

How many times I can charge it per once?

In the case of battery, IRONFLIP has, 4310mAh, and it has fast charging set at 65 watts so that the phone can regain energy quickly.

Is the VERTU IRONFLIP a global connectivity phone to and with connections around the world?

They do indeed have the IRONFLIP which will bring support to other bands from across the world so that bands over in other parts of the world would not have to-deals with more interruptions.