Terms and Conditions of AustinAvery provide a discount of 10% for students and VIP members with valid identification; a flexible refund policy with a grace period of 24 hours; personalized support through live chat and email and an exclusive referral program with rewards for referral links and social media engagement.

Welcome to AustinAvery, the number 1 stop-shop for the trend-setters and fashionistas who are determined to keep up with the latest fashion trends and of course high-quality apparel. Through our e-commerce platform, T&C or terms and conditions apply to all of you who decide to use our platform. Please review them carefully.

Acceptance of Terms

In purchasing goods and services via Aurally, you recognize the fact that you have familiarized yourself with these T&Cs and hence have agreed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing e-commerce and online shopping.

Placing Orders

When you place an order through AustinAvery, you agree to: When you place an order through AustinAvery, you agree to:

Giving correct and contemporary details about pricing, availability and description of items respectively.

In the case of receiving an order, the ownership of it is entirely yours. That is why we reserve the right to decline any order at our discretion.

Note that the price and quantity of products shown are preliminary and can be changed without prior notification.

User Registration and Profile Security

Creating an account with AustinAvery entails: Creating an account with AustinAvery entails:

Customers should be able to trust that our service will keep their personal and payment information safe.

To prevent account hacking, maintain the confidentiality of your account credentials.

By signing, an agreement to be responsible for all activities made by you while you are signed in under your accessed passwords.

A Return and Exchange Policy

means that buyers have the right to return a product within a prescribed period and get either a refund or an exchange for the item that they got.

Outlines the conditions under which returns and exchanges are acceptable and includes: Outlines the conditions under which returns and exchanges are acceptable and includes:

Distinct dates when things can be returned.

Terms that rule out products that aren’t in original condition for tickets.

Clear and thorough instructions for inquiries related to returns or exchanges.

Payment Terms

Austin Avery with Cash, Checks, Credit cards, and Online payments. The terms include:

The guarantee of robust safety approaches to all the transactions, including payouts and deposits.

Immediate billing on the spot of order confirmation.

Application of credible payment gateways to preserve the security of the payment deals.

Delivery Terms

Differences in shipping options, costs in shipping, and even delivery timelines.

Accuracy of delivery provides the customers with an opportunity to object.

Policies that deal with deliveries that are given late or delayed, and with missing packages.

Privacy of User and Data Protection

Our privacy policy clearly describes:

Likewise, the nature of data collected and their purpose.

As for the security measures to be taken to save personal details.

People choose between the given set of choices.

Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright laws will be enforced on every page of Austin Avery to preserve intellectual property rights. Users must not:

Use the brand trademark, the images or any of the website content without any optional explicit permission. One common flurry of ethical issues in the field of social media is the concept of information integrity.

The activity will be orientated around the infringement of the intellectual property rights of Austin Avery.

User Conduct

Users of AustinAvery are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, which includes not engaging in: Users of AustinAvery are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, which includes not engaging in:

Conducting non-licensed business activities on our website.

Make a drastic move that contains a risk of being attacked or negatively influencing the website as well.

Criminal activities by the website using unethical means.

Termination and Suspension

Austin Avery reserves the right to: AustinAvery reserves the right to:

Terminate or temporarily suspend the offending accounts in the case of a violation of T&Cs.

Close orders or assert dominance at the company’s pleasure.

Resolution of disputes and the applicable law

Any disputes shall be handled following Any disputes shall be handled following:

The attempt of conceding to reach an agreement.

Having the law and jurisdiction of the state where AustinAvery AS is domiciled is in the power to resolve any disputes which may arise out of the contract.

Non-liability and Identification

Austin Avery is not liable for:Austin Avery is not liable for:

On the other hand, there might be potential consequences of this access or lack of access.

Unauthorized access to user’s data or keeping the data secure.

The Users commit to defend, release, and hold harmless Austin Avery from claims, breaches of duties, and damages.

Amendments to T&C

These T&Cs are subject to updates, which will be:

Posted on our website.

Effective immediately unless stated similarly.

Users are assumed to agree with these changes subconsciously at the time of notice or after such notice by using the website continuously.

Contact Information

In case you want to ask us any questions or share your opinions about these T&Cs, we are always ready to assist you via our support on the website.

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Note that the loftier terms and conditions outlined above are only for illustration purposes and are not complete. To avoid making any errors with T&Cs for AustinAvery, it would be better to consult professional legal advice before the preparation. This would help to make this text meet all legal requirements and cover all the needed instances.